Council of Personnel Officer’s Meeting held at DOUS; SALN concerns discussed

Tuesday, 12 March 2013 02:04

The Council of Personnel Officers (CPO) held its monthly meeting at the DMMMSU Open University System last Feb. 15 where various Memorandum Circulars (MC) were presented and discussed. Among the MCs discussed was the Amendment to the Review and Compliance Procedure in the Filing and Submission of the SALN and Disclosure of Business Interests & Financial Conditions or M.C. No.3 s. 2013.

Section 3 of the said M.C. states that “it shall be the ministerial duty of the Head of Office to issue an order requiring those who have incomplete data in their Statement of Assets, Liabilities and SALN to correct/supply the desired information and those who did not file/submit their SALNs to comply within a non-extendible period of thirty (30) days from receipt of the said Order.”

Further, Section 4 of the M.C. states that “failure of an official or employee to correct/submit his/her SALN in accordance with the procedure and within the given period pursuant to the directive in Section 3 hereof shall be a ground for disciplinary action.”

It is then the duty of the personnel officers to remind their respective personnel of these provisions.



DOUS conducts outreach program

Lending a hand to a disadvantaged public school has been an annual tradition of the DOUS. On October 9, 2012, the professors conducted an outreach program at Pao Elementary and National High School, Pao Norte, City of San Fernando, La Union.

Several activities were conducted such as: demonstrations on sanitation and proper hygienne; dramatic story telling; and fun games were conducted by the Certificate in Teaching students to the pupils while in the high school department, the assigned Certificate in Teaching students taught basic survival aid demonstration. A forum on moral values and socialization was also held. Dr. Luzviminda Salamanca, DOUS Head of Instruction gave a short message during the opening program.

Lectures on Trends in Education and its Implementation in the Classroom Setting and Public Speaking were also done by Dr. Estella Cayabyab and Ms. Ces Myra Mabalot, respectively. Dr. Ophelia Cardenas lectured about healthy lifestyle to the parents and some barangay officials. After the simultaneous lectures, Dr. Brillo Paje discussed to the faculty and staff, “Guidance for Teachers and School-Parent Relations.” The activity ended with a tree planting activity within the vicinity of the school.

Sports and games materials such as chessboards, basketball, volleyball and net, solicited from the City Government of San Fernando, personal hygienne items like bath soap, toothbrush and toothpaste were given as an early Christmas gift to the pupils and students.




DOUS to hold 16th Foundation Anniversary on Oct. 20, 2012

DOUS will hold its 16th Foundation Anniversary on Oct. 20, 2012. Highlight of the celebration is the inauguration of the DOUS Alumni Association Building which is a project of the DOUS Alumni Association headed by Hon. Mario Ortega.   Other activities lined up include a Medical Mission, Search for Mr. and Ms. DOUS, and DOUS Got Talent.  DOUS alumni will sponsor a mini trade fair and will be holding their Alumni Homecoming where they and their families would be participating.

All DOUS core faculty and staff, students, and alumni will be present on the Foundation Day. Tutors, DOUS stakeholders, and friends are invited to take part in the celebration and have fun at DOUS.


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